Danish lessons for adult foreigners

Randers Language Center offers Danish lessons of high quality

Kursister, der lærer dansk

Randers Language Center offers Danish lessons of high quality with varied content and exciting themes in 3 different Danish courses. The tuition takes place in bright, modern rooms and with use of the latest learning technology. You may choose to follow Danish lessons weekly as 2 days (max 12 lessons) or 2 evenings (max 6 lessons) possibly combined with a study center course. The Language Center also provides a number of supplementary offers, which you may follow alongside the Danish lessons. Supplementary offers of the Language Center: • FVU courses • Study Centre (staffed by teacher) • Conversation groups • Pronunciation courses • Individually planned courses • Danish course at company premises • Language partner follow-up and course • School mentor Good knowledge of Danish will: • Improve your chances of good integration in Denmark • Increase your possibilities of finding and maintaining employment in Denmark and/or continue in the education system • Enable you to communicate in Danish with child institutions, schools, health staff and public authorities How to get started Contact the Integration Department in Job Center Randers: Job Center Randers, Regimentvej 10 D, 8930 Randers NØ, tel. 8915 7800 and state that you would like to receive Danish lessons. When the Language Center has received a message from the Integration Department of the Municipality stating that you are interested in participating in Danish lessons, you will be invited to a visitation interview with a counsellor. After the interview you will be placed in one of the three Danish courses and, if relevant, also be offered one or more of the Language Center's supplementary offers. Please note that if you are a self-sufficient citizen (European worker or similar), it is VERY IMPORTANT that you contact the Integration Department NO LATER THAN 2 MONTHS after you have been offered a Danish course from the Municipality - even if you do not want to start the Danish course until a later date as otherwise you may risk that your right to learn Danish is used up/expires. Place: The tuition takes place at Vestergade 34, 8900 Randers C. Price: For some citizens, there is a statutory deposit. If you have a job, your employer may In some cases, apply for coverage of cost of your Danish course. For other citizens, tuition is free. Contact: Sprogcenter@randers.dk Tel. 8915 7700 Vestergade 34 8900 Randers C Additional info: www.sprogcenter.randers.dk www.randers.dk/borger/ job-og-ledighed/jobcenter