For new DU3 students, how to make your new password.

Welcome to Sprogcenter Randers.

You have received a text message with your username and a temporary password. Before you start at the Sprogcenter Randers, we ask you to change the code and to get the app Classroom to your smartphone. Below you can read, how to to it and how to get help, if you have problems changing the code

First you need to go to the website skiftkode.rksit.dk and change the code to your personal password

The personal password must be at least 8 characters (Big and small letters and numbers. It can not be your name or part of your name. It can not be æ ø å )


You open the website skiftkode.rksit.dk

  1. You write your username xxxxxxxx@scrmail.dk
  2. You write the temporary password sent in the textmessage
  3. Then you write your new personal password two times
  4. Press "Send"


Apps and intranet

On your smartphone you create a new account with your username and your personal password. You download the app Google Classroom and open it with your scrmail e-mail and password.

Also download the app "Ordbogen  / Lemma" to your smartphone. Choose UNI-login. It might say “Login with f.eks MitID”, then choose this and choose Randers Kommune.

The intranet for the language school is: sprogcenterranders.edulife.dk   On this website you can also find the google classroom. 

The study center at Sprogcenter Randers

If you have any questions or problems you can call the study center at the Sprogcenter Randers at this direct number 8915 7712 between 8.30-11.30. 

You are also welcome to visit the study center before starting up in your class.

The study center is open:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8.15am – 3.15pm

Wednesday and Friday  8.15am – 1.45pm



To log on to the wifi “RK” you must use your schoolmail as the username and the personal password.