Application for Danish education

Apply for Danish education at language center Randers.

When you have completed the form in the digital solution, the Jobcentre receives it fairly quickly afterwards.

The jobcenter investigates whether you have received a referral letter upon entry to Denmark and whether you have the right to Danish language education.

After approval of the application, a referral is sent to Language Center Randers.

You will then be invited for an interview at the Language Center Randers. Here we will find out which education and which class is right for you.

Teaching takes place in groups and in the school's study centre. There are classes both during the day and in the evening.

Please note:

You can only use this application if you live in Randers Municipality.

If you do not live in Randers, you must contact the Jobcenter in the municipality in which you live and tell them, that you want to go to school in Randers.